Bintan Hurricane Heat

Spartan Race Inc.
Bintan Hurricane Heat
Bintan, Lagoi Bay
Bintan Hurricane Heat

Bintan Hurricane Heat

Hurricane Heat (or HH) is a team-based event designed to push racers to greater personal distances. There are no timing chips and no bibs. There is no individual competition. Each HH is a unique experience directly related to the individuality of the venue, so distances and times vary. You will be challenged, and as a team, you will succeed.
Spartan Race Inc.
Bintan, Lagoi Bay

Welcome to the Spartan Hurricane Heat!

You are part of ASIA HH-004 (SINGAPORE) 2016 come prepared for the storm!

For those of you that don't already know, the Hurricane Heat started in August of 2011, when Hurricane Irene forced the cancellation of our Sunday program at Amesbury, Massachusetts.  Even with thousands of bummed out racers, no one was more devastated than our founder, Joe De Sena. So, he gathered 150 athletes and Spartan staffers at 5:30am on Saturday morning, handed them some sandbags, did a boatload of burpees, and proceeded to spend more than 3 hours covering less than 4 miles. Needless to say, there were some very tired people when we got done.

30 days later, we decided to have a Hurricane Heat at every event in 2012, and we've kept that tradition going ever since.

So… here’s the plan:


Everyone should arrive at THE FINISHING ARCH on Sunday Morning (20 Nov 2016) no later than 0745hrs. Be at the registration entrance at THE FINISHING ARCH ready to go. We'll be checking your equipment and warming up at 0730hrs. The event will commence at 0800hrs sharp. Be dressed and ready to go.

All Hurricane Heaters should meet at THE FINISHING ARCH and wait for others to arrive. Our Hurricane Heat Leaders (Krypteias) will be there to greet you. Look for other people arriving for ASIA HH-004 (SINGAPORE) 2016. Say hello.

Below, you will find the mandatory gear list.

You and/or your teammates MUST bring these items with you on Sunday.

Mandatory Gear List:

*Each team that does not have a required item will start their day with many, many burpees.

It's going to be wet and muddy, and it may be chilly. Please come prepared. Bring a change of clothes for when you’re done.

We'll provide the rest of the equipment.

Reading List:

Spartan Hurricane Heaters are prepared for anything. It is advised that all Hurricane Heaters read through these blog posts to get familiar with the event.

What is a Hurricane Heat?

First Timer Survival Guide

Why the Warrior Ethos?

Importance of Not Asking Questions During a Hurricane Heat

NOTE: We DO NOT use bib numbers or timing chips at the Hurricane Heat, so don't worry about that.

Facebook Event Page:

It’s important to begin developing teamwork as soon as possible. Join the event page on Facebook to meet your fellow comrades and start becoming a single unit before the event.

Bag Check: 

-There is no bag check during most Hurricane Heat events since they typically take place when the Festival Village is closed to the public. We highly recommend leaving your belongings in your vehicle until after the event.

Here’s what to expect:

MANDATORY: Download our Race Waiver. Print it out, sign it, bring it with you. No waiver, no ASIA HH-004 (SINGAPORE) 2016. No Waiver, ASIA HH-004 (SINGAPORE) 2016. Yes, we said that twice. 

If you have any other event questions, please refer to the Spartan Athlete Guide.



Bintan,Lagoi bay, Indonesia


Sunday, November 20, 2016


HH 4Hr Delta Wedge (x1)

HH Finisher Tee (x1)

HH Dog tag (x1)


Everyone should arrive at the finishing arch on Sunday Morning (20 Nov 2016) no later than 0745hrs. Be at the registration entrance at the finishing arch ready to go. We'll be checking your equipment and warming up at 0730hrs. The event will commence at 0800hrs sharp. Be dressed and ready to go.


An Email will be sent out to participants upon registration


There will be an area for bag drop at Free of Charge


Stated in the email we will send them upon registration


Event day photos will be posted on the website a few days after the event, FREE OF CHARGE! Timing links will be up the next day on our social media channels.



If you have additional questions, visit our FAQ page. 

If you thought the 2016 Super was tough, this time we are turning the difficulty up to 11. In the tough hills of Bintan Island we introduce the Hurricane Heat, a unique feat of endurance that will push you to your very limit.

Every Hurricane Heat is a unique experience, but we can tell you that the distance is beyond that of the Trifecta. It is a team-based event that is designed to push Spartans to greater personal distances, you will need teamwork to make it to the end.

You will need to truly embody the principles of Spartan Race and teamwork to complete something greater than yourself in this unique challenge. There are no timing chips or bibs. There is no individual competition. You will receive an email with your gear list, turn up on the day, ready for mental and physical challenges.

This Hurricane Heat lasts for 4 hours.